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Kristin Leone

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Dog Walker

Vaughn McCandish

My name is Vaughn. Having walked dogs with One Leg Up since 2012, I'm the veteran of the group. When not walking, I am co-owner of The Covered Market in Old Town Takoma (specializing in decor, style and spirit), and also District Traders on eBay (specializing in vintage items). Living in Takoma Park, I've probably walked every piece of sidewalk in the city at this point. It's a great city with a lot of friendly dogs and owners. If I don't know them already, I hope to meet your pup soon!

Admin & Dog Walker

Arielle (Elle) Chinquee

My name comes from my mother’s love for mermaids and her wanting to keep the ending of her name (Imelle) in my name. Most just call me Elle but Arielle is also fine. I do dog walking as well as admin work for One Leg Up. Every now and then I also attend playgroup. Two of my favorite things are fur babies and music. I enjoy walking (and occasionally dancing with) your dogs with a fun playlist on to sing to them.There are days where the only words I’ve spoken out loud are to dogs. I also have my own pup, named Buddy. He’s a senior beagle mix that’s more cat than dog at times. When I’m not spending time with your pups or mine, I like to go to concerts. In 2019, I attended about 20 concerts. I hope to go to more in 2020 and do some traveling for the sake of following good music. It’s so refreshing working with a team full of good spirited animal lovers. It’s hard to have a bad day at work when you’re around a good team and some cool pups.

Admin & Sub Walker

Kayla Jewel

I was named after my great-grandmother ‘Jewel’. She was a kind soul and loved to sing and bring love everywhere she went. The women in my family decided to pay tribute to her by naming their daughters after her. So, I have cousins with the name Jewel as well. I am known for my bubbly personality and contagious laugh. I value being honest and considerate for all those I interact with. Currently, I do many things for One Leg Up including: Admin work, Training new hires, sub dog walker, sub playgroup attendant, and various other managerial tasks. I started working with the company because of my love for animals. I feel so privileged to enjoy my work and value all of my team members because it truly is a group effort. My favorite things to watch include Grey’s anatomy, any romantic comedies, and courtroom dramas. My Ultimate dream in life is to perform on stage on a daily basis in both musical theatre and as an individual vocal artist. My love for animals will always be in my heart and that is why I am truly grateful for this opportunity to work with them in this capacity.

Playgroup Attendant & Sub Walker

Yenifer (Yeni) Cisneros

Hello my name is Yenifer but I go by Yeni. I was born in El Salvador and I used to have a lot of dogs back home so I've had a love for dogs ever since I could remember. I'm a play group attendant and occasionally a dog walker. Working for One Leg Up has been great because I get to meet and play with these adorable dogs. I'm a quiet, patient and understanding person. Outside of work I enjoy playing sports and video games, I also have a love for music.

Dog Walker

Noah Maranto

Hello, I'm Noah and I've walked dogs for One Leg Up for two years. I'm a Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt with a competition record of 0-4, so clearly I'm very good at it! I'm a former comedy improviser with the long running Frederick, MD improv group The Comedy Pigs and have performed at theaters and comedy festivals in the region. I have a strange looking dog named Lucia, and I play a lot of video games. Can't wait to meet your dog!

Playgroup Attendant

Bryan Casey

Hello. My name is Bryan Casey. I do a little bit of everything for One Leg Up, but am mostly a Play Group guy. I was born and raised in Takoma Park (an unfortunately long time ago) and have been with the team since November 2018. I’ve always had pets of my own around, but have learned so much more about animals since coming to the team.

Playgroup Attendant

Diana Gutierrez

Hi, I’m Diana Gutierrez, I’ve started working for One Leg Up as a dog park attendant since November. It’s been a wonderful time getting to know all the dogs and playing and taking care of them. I’m shy when meeting new people but I always welcome the company. I’m usually at the dog park helping out with playgroup, but I also help around with anything I can. Pets are something my parents wouldn’t allow me to have as a child, so meeting and getting to work dogs attracted me to One Leg Up. When dogs arrive at the park they’re so full of energy that affects everyone around them to play and chase. Being able to work with and influence them to have their best playtime is a great feeling. Top 3 favorite sports are baseball, volleyball and swimming. I’m currently in university, planning to be a pediatric nurse practitioner. When I’m not working, I usually collecting vinyls, practicing my painting, and baking sweets. I’m a foodie, I enjoy going around trying, and exploring new dishes.

Playgroup Attendant & Sub Walker

Cole Maxwell-Beard

Hi I'm Cole! When I'm not watching over your dogs at the park I'm hanging with my own pup, Star! I'm a big fan of ice skating, gymnastics, and Tennis. I'm currently teaching myself Japanese and I hope to travel there soon!

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