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Happy Team. Happy Pets. Happy Customers.

Happy Team

  • Our team develops healthy relationships with pets, customers, and team members.

  • Our team always conduct themselves in an ethical manner.

  • Our team complies with One Leg Up policies and procedures.

  • Our team ensures a safe and respectful work environment.

Happy Pets

  • Our team provides the highest standards of love and care for your pets.

  • Our team helps your pet maintain a healthy exercise program.

  • Our team provides daily social interactions with lots of belly rubs.

  • Our team gives your pet an opportunity to have a mid-day bathroom break.

Happy Customers

  • Our team is consistent in providing quality service.

  • Our team takes responsibility and ensures every job is done right.

  • Our team is attentive by listening to the customer's needs.

  • Our team creates opportunities for feedback and suggestions. 

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